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Infanta Cristina to request money back from court deposit

Infanta Cristina of Spain, an older sister to King Felipe, will have her attorneys submit a request on 14 July to the court in Palma to refund her 322,000 euros from the 587,000 euro deposit she made to the court.

After being acquitted of charges in the Nóos case that saw her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín, convicted of money fraud and corruption, Cristina was fined 265,000 euros for civil liability by the court. She is now requesting a refund of her overpayment of 322,000 euros.

Legal sources in Spain say that the repayment of the more than 300,000 euros will be automatic since she was acquitted of the charges against her in the case back in February.

This news comes as it was recently revealed that the prosecutors want her husband to serve a longer imprisonment than they originally requested. He was sentenced to six years and three months in prison back in February. He was also required to pay a 512,000 euro fine following the lengthy trial in Palma de Mallorca for corruption and money fraud that captivated the country.

Spain’s newspaper El País reported that the prosecutors have now requested the Supreme Court in Madrid sentence Iñaki to an additional three years and seven months imprisonment for a maximum of ten years.

Cristina and Iñaki were accused of defrauding taxpayers of funds through embezzlement and money laundering in excess of £4.5 million through the non-profit organisation the Nóos Institute. Infanta Cristina was a member of the board, and Iñaki served as the director.

Specifically, Cristina was accused of using money from the organisation for personal expenses. Iñaki was arraigned on charges of tax fraud and money laundering. He and his business partner Diego Torres were accused of hugely overcharging two regional governments (The Balearic Islands and Valencia) and the city of Madrid that participated in different sporting events organised by the Nóos Institute.

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