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Prince Henrik: “The Queen is playing me for a fool”

In another extraordinary twist in the Prince Henrik funeral saga, the 83-year-old has conducted an interview with Danish newspaper BT, in which he accuses his wife, Queen Margrethe, of playing him for a fool.

The interview, which is scheduled for full release tomorrow, captures the Prince’s thoughts on the media frenzy surrounding his decision not to be buried alongside his wife in Roskilde Cathedral.

A short excerpt of the interview was released on Tuesday afternoon, in which Prince Henrik said: “If she (The Queen) wants to have me buried next to her, she must make me King Consort, that’s it!

“My wife has decided that she would like to be Queen, and I’m very pleased with that; but as a person, she must know that if a man and a woman are married, then they are equal.

“My wife hasn’t shown me the respect an ordinary wife should show her spouse.”

He adds: “She’s the one playing me for a fool. I didn’t marry The Queen to get buried at Roskilde.

“It’s my wife and not me that can do anything about this matter. If she wants me buried with her, she has to make me King Consort. 

“End of story – I couldn’t care less.”

Prince Henrik also expressed in the interview that he loves The Queen very much. Today, they began a 14 day holiday together in France.

The interview comes a week after the Danish Royal Court announced that Prince Henrik does not wish to be buried in Roskilde Cathedral, the traditional burial site of the Kings and Queens of Denmark. This means that a joint sarcophagus, which has already been made by sculptor, Bjørn Nørgaard, will either not be used at all, or will only be used by Queen Margrethe II when she passes away.

The Danish Royal Court confirmed that the Prince will be buried in Denmark but gives no further details.

  • M

    The man needs to grow up, he needs to follow the example of those prince consorts who have came before him, Prince Philip does not throw tantrums because he is not made king consort. Prince Henrik does not release the embrassment he is causing his family by disclosing a private matter in public.

  • Ipsi

    “If she wants me buried with her, she has to make me King Consort.” wow

    • Nelly

      Really ! If she wants hjm buried next to her, he’ll be dead and his opinion will not be relevant.

      • Lily Mathers

        Exactly. Drawing a line in the sand over what box his remains end up in? I don’t get it. I always just say I refuse to cost people money or take up space. Todd me in a volcano, I will be in heaven, not caring!

  • Charles Markeaton-Mundy

    foolish words!

  • Elizabeth Pease

    That individual is really something! The next time they go on their yacht, I think HM should have Henrik held over the side until his face isn’t just above the water and she should tell him he will be thrown overboard if he doesn’t like being Prince Consort.


    I have commented previously that it was perhaps Prince Henrik’s wish that he be given the title of King consort but whether it’s been succinctly explained to him or not – that Denmark does not have the tradition of bestowing this title upon the husband of a Queen Regnant – in Denmark the right of a woman to succeed to the Throne was only granted in 1953, so he has only two choices – be content with the title of Prince Consort which he resigned from this two years ago or perhaps become the former husband of the Queen so there is no question whatsoever whether he be buried beside her or not – and the question becomes moot.
    My thoughts are with the Queen who must be feeling quite upset over this, 45 years reign, 50 years married and hardly a scandal – then in her golden years & her husband can’t stop complaining about a title he ostensibly doesn’t even care about, its confusing and unseemly on the part of anyone who is a member of a reigning Royal house, whether they married into said House or not.

    • bearzy123

      Who’s on first ??

      • Lily Mathers


  • PB

    The man is a nasty spoiled idiot who should be stripped of his title and sent back to France

  • bearzy123

    First Laurent, now Henrik. Those daffy European princes..

  • Pittctycitizen

    Is it time to start wondering if there is something mentally wrong with him? Who in the world would do this to his wife of 50+ years and argue like a spoilt child? All he is doing is embarassing himself (we know he doesn’t care), the Queen and their family. I am beginning to wonder if something isn’t physically wrong with him.

    • lmgill2

      I agree. He might have some Alzheimers or Dementia setting in. It often completely changes the persons personality.

      • Montgomery

        I do agree. Queen Margrethe II. does not react on this foolish and disgusting behaviour of her husband because she knows he is seriously ill.

      • Lily Mathers

        It isn’t funny. Alzheimer’s is worse than cancer, and I lost my MOTHER last year to cancer. She was only 46. Alzheimer’s is still worse and not something you just get due to age.

        • lmgill2

          I didn’t make any comment suggesting that Alzheimer’s or dementia was funny? So why are you sending me a it isn’t funny message?

  • Daisymay

    I think he’s defiantly ill he’s either got Dementia or he’s completely lost the plot? Why else would you tolerate such humiliation when she should be booting him out of Denmark…
    I can’t imagine what their holiday in France will be like ..

  • Joyce M.

    Perhaps the Prince is suffering from some degree of dementia. Has he exhibited any bizarre behavior in the past?

  • pamela traves

    All of Prince Henrik’s foolish talk about becoming King must shame Queen Margrethe. He needs to stop this foolish talk and be Loving and respective to his wife!!

  • Matryoshkadollie

    Doesn’t sound like he loves her if he’s trashing her in the media like that. What a jerk! The Queen should divorce Henrik because he’s behaving like a spoiled brat! Either that, or turn him over on her knee and give him a proper spanking since he’s behaving so childishly lol

  • vegastearoom

    Is he suffering from dementia? She should divorce him and let him be buried as any commoner, wherever he should want.

  • Cathrine Smith Gordon

    One might think that perhaps he is suffering from some form of dementia. Aggression is oftentimes associated with this illness.

  • Observator14

    I am saddened by his injudicious words that can only cause pain to the family.

  • RoyalAustralia

    Has this person had a recent mental evaluation? It would be advisable for the safety of all around him, particularly Queen Margarethe.

  • Darrell K Whitfield

    I agree with the Prince completely and think Prince Phillip of royal blood of Greece should have been King consort long ago. Immasculation of males for a Queen is just not how it should be. Equal is right.

    • lmgill2

      Unfortunately in the monarchy a King outranks a Queen which is why the husbands of Queens are not crowned as a King.

  • lmgill2

    He knows that a King outranks a Queen in the sphere of the Monarchy. He is a childish prema donna. She should just let him go. He is bad for her and the monarchy. So sorry for his luck in the birth lottery, NOT! Supposedly he married her b/c he loved her but he is acting like he married her for a title. A title which he claimed he didn’t want when he resigned. Clearly it wasn’t b/c he didn’t want a title it was just the fact that he didn’t get the title he wanted. I feel bad for her b/c he is making a mess of the monarchy and more importantly a mess of their 50 years together.

  • lmgill2

    This is another reason why Prince Philip is such an amazing man. A man who truly loves his wife and not the title.

    • Lily Mathers

      You know nothing about his history at all, do ya?

      • lmgill2

        You are a very snarky person. And yes I do know the history. I know Philip had issues when he was young but he grew up and accepted that he is the man of the house in private but that his wife is the Queen. And Philip never asked to specifically be crowned a King.

  • Mark Christopher O’Dell

    Prince Consort should be acceptable for these men. A King always out ranks a Queen and the blood royal should never be outranked by a commoner who became royal by marriage. Its these fellows from his generation….a modern man like me would be perfectly happy as Prince Consort and have control of the private household as the Duke of Edinburgh does. Whilst my wife does her job of Queen publicly.

  • lmgill2

    The should also check to see if he has Dementia or Alzheimers beginning. Those diseases will often change a persons personality drastically.

  • Olivera

    I wish their Royal Highnesses a lovely holiday in France.

  • el

    Time to leave this Prince behind…

  • Lily Mathers

    I love them. They make me forget all the garbage going on in my life. They totally love each other, but he’s boycotting a burial place. Seems legit. Hahaha!

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