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Prince Henrik: “The Queen is playing me for a fool”

In another extraordinary twist in the Prince Henrik funeral saga, the 83-year-old has conducted an interview with Danish newspaper BT, in which he accuses his wife, Queen Margrethe, of playing him for a fool.

The interview, which is scheduled for full release tomorrow, captures the Prince’s thoughts on the media frenzy surrounding his decision not to be buried alongside his wife in Roskilde Cathedral.

A short excerpt of the interview was released on Tuesday afternoon, in which Prince Henrik said: “If she (The Queen) wants to have me buried next to her, she must make me King Consort, that’s it!

“My wife has decided that she would like to be Queen, and I’m very pleased with that; but as a person, she must know that if a man and a woman are married, then they are equal.

“My wife hasn’t shown me the respect an ordinary wife should show her spouse.”

He adds: “She’s the one playing me for a fool. I didn’t marry The Queen to get buried at Roskilde.

“It’s my wife and not me that can do anything about this matter. If she wants me buried with her, she has to make me King Consort. 

“End of story – I couldn’t care less.”

Prince Henrik also expressed in the interview that he loves The Queen very much. Today, they began a 14 day holiday together in France.

The interview comes a week after the Danish Royal Court announced that Prince Henrik does not wish to be buried in Roskilde Cathedral, the traditional burial site of the Kings and Queens of Denmark. This means that a joint sarcophagus, which has already been made by sculptor, Bjørn Nørgaard, will either not be used at all, or will only be used by Queen Margrethe II when she passes away.

The Danish Royal Court confirmed that the Prince will be buried in Denmark but gives no further details.