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Prince Albert and Charlene expecting twins

14869773918_a8a3dd4342_bPrince Albert of Monaco and wife Charlene are confirmed to be expecting twins, according to Hello! Canada.

The magazine tweeted that they have spoken to the couple, confirming the news. Speculation has been rife over the topic since the pregnancy was announced, and other outlets reported that Charlene’s father confirmed he would be a grandfather to twins a week or two ago.

Albert and Charlene announced the news they were to become parents in May, after getting married in 2011.

Charlene, due to have the babies in December, will not be the only mother to twins in Royal circles: Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, gave birth to twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent, in 2011. Tabloids also speculated when The Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with Prince George whether she was having twins, as sufferers of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness) is slightly more common in women carrying more than one child.


Charlene told Hello! magazine in an interview just held in New York, where the couple have been undertaking engagements, that she ‘felt great’.

photo: Nebunel1

  • Karen119

    I wonder when the IVF talk will begin.

  • Ricky

    It will be very interesting to see what happens if two boys or two girls are born. Which child will be Prince Albert’s heir?

    • Chloe Howard

      Hi Ricky
      It is the same rule as for any other children – whichever is born first, be it through a natural birth, or via caesarean, takes precedent over the other.

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