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Princess Marie attends research seminar on asthma and allergies

Yesterday, Princess Marie was in Odense to attend a research seminar on asthma and allergies at H.C Andersen Children Hospital, a hospital she has worked closely with since 2013 to strengthen activities that provide positive experiences for children and their families during hospitalization.


Before the seminar, Princess Marie visited the Asthma School of the hospital. Nurse Anne Marie Bro Hofbauer explained: “The purpose of Odense Asthma School is to give the children a greater understanding of the disease and the medicine they receive, but also to show them that they can do much more than they think. They can run longer and jump higher than they thought. Most importantly, they live a very ordinary and active life, just like all other children and young people. We try to help them.”







Afterward, Princess Marie attended the research seminar about asthma and allergies. Three presentations took place about allergies to nuts, new ways to prevent asthma, the Odense Asthma School. There was also a presentation by a parent of children who took part in several clinical trials about what it was like for a parent to watch their children experiencing such trials.




Finally, Princess Marie visited Ællingen which is a playground for children from six to 12-years-old run by young volunteers from Red Cross Hungary. Ællingen is opened two afternoons a week for all children, whether they are patients or relatives of a patient. Ællingen aims to give the children independent and fun experiences independent of illness, diagnosis and parents.


Princess Marie visits H.C Andersen Children Hospital several times a year, both privately and publicly. At around the same time last year, she opened their new pediatric surgical wing, and she also visited privately last December to attend their Christmas party and learn more about the Legeheltene activities which aim to help the patients be more active physically during their stay at the hospital.

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