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Camilla to have namesake pub in Poundbury

The Duchess of Cornwall will soon have a pub in Poundbury named after her.

The collaborative development of the Duchy of Cornwall and Hall and Woodhouse will see a public house located on Queen Mother Square in Poundbury.

Located in Dorchester in the county of Dorset, Poundbury is on Duchy of Cornwall land with all structures built according to architectural philosophies encouraged by Prince Charles.

The area was “designed for people and not cars and has been created to enhance the social and environmental atmosphere,” Charles referenced in his book, Harmony.

The inn’s name came at the recommendation of the Prince of Wales and is anticipated to open in early 2016.

The ‘Duchess of Cornwall’ will consist of 20 bedrooms as well as a restaurant and time-honoured public house offerings.

Hall & Woodhouse are working with the Duchy of Cornwall’s architects, Quinlan & Francis Terry, to ensure ‘The Duchess of Cornwall’ will be an appropriate enhancement to Queen Mother Square.

“It’s a great privilege to be entrusted by the Duchy to develop this prestigious site. Our inn will blend with, and mirror Poundbury’s architecture and His Royal Highness’s vision,” Anthony Woodhouse, Hall & Woodhouse’s managing director commented.

Simon Conibear, the Duchy of Cornwall’s estate director at Poundbury, said: “There has been growing demand for both guest rooms and another pub in Poundbury, and we think it will be popular with local businesses, residents and the thousands of people who visit Poundbury every year.”

Poundbury, which was planned and designed by Léon Krier, broke new ground in 1993. The whole purpose of the creation of the area was to build an entirely sustainable town that one may access via foot rather than an automobile. Currently, 2,000 people reside in Poundbury. The town employs around 1,600 people, and 140 businesses call the town home. By 2025, Poundbury is slated for completion. It is expected to provide housing for 5,000 persons, as well as employment for approximately 2,000 individuals.

The Duchy of Cornwall was created by Edward III in 1337. He created the Duchy in order to afford an income for the King’s heir. At the time, it was Edward of Woodstock, who later became the Black Prince and made Duke of Cornwall. The Duchy of Cornwall has been in effect ever since.

Prince Charles became the Duke of Cornwall when Her Majesty acceded in 1952. He was given the title Prince of Wales in 1958 but not invested until 1969.

The Prince of Wales is now the 24th Duke of Cornwall and has held the title for one of the longest periods in history. The Prince of Wales celebrated his 50th year as Duke in 2002.

The Duchy covers a vast 53,154 hectares of land, with the majority in the South West of England and is managed by the Duke of Cornwall.

Featured Photo Credit: Andy Gott

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