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The Royal entourage: The people who will assist the Cambridges on their tour

origin_7342537952The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George, began their month long tour of New Zealand and Australia yesterday as they landed in the New Zealand capital of Wellington. But who else is part of that royal entourage, and why are they needed?

Sir David Manning

64-year-old Sir David Manning is a former diplomat and was personally suggested as a mentor for Prince William by the Queen herself. Sir David was previously a key adviser to the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in the run-up to the Iraq war. He was also the UK Ambassador to Washington for five years, and is one of the most trusted people on the tour.

Amanda Cook Tucker

Ms Tucker was one of Prince George’s first visitors in hospital, and even met him before the Middletons did. She styled The Duchess’ hair before she came out of hospital after 9-month-old George was born in St Mary’s hospital last year. Previously, she was married to hairdresser Neville Tucker, whose Knightsbridge salon held a Royal Warrant in the 1980s. Ms Cook has cut William and Harry’s hair since they were children, and is trusted by the royal family.

Miguel Head

Miguel Head is Private Secretary to The Duke of Cambridge. Originally from Essex, Mr Head is much liked by the royals who describe him as ‘fun’. The 37-year-old’s previous experience at the Ministry of Defence gives him a shared insight into William’s military background.

Maria Borrallo

The newly hired nanny for Prince George comes from an educated, low profile family in northern Spain, and is expected to be comfortable in her new position in front of the world’s media. With a passion for childcare, she is said to have worked hard to achieve her new job.

Rebecca Deacon

Rebecca Deacon is a Newcastle University graduate who got to know William when she helped with the planning for the 2007 Concert for Diana. Since then, she has become a close ally of his wife, Kate. Ms Deacon is the daughter of an Army major and is close friends with the The Duchess of Cambridge.

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