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Royal Dukedoms: Duke of Cornwall

Back in the mists of time, where fact, fantasy and fiction blur Cornwall may even have been a Kingdom in its own right. However, by the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066, Cornwall was an Earldom and remained that way until 1336. The Duchy was created by Edward III in 1336 to provide his son, Edward the Black Prince with an income. The Duchy of Cornwall was created as a Royal Duchy, and was to pass to the eldest son of the Sovereign, on occasions when there is no heir the title passes back to the crown. The Duchy was created from the lands and estate of the Earl of Cornwall, the last Earl of Cornwall, John of Eltham who was the younger brother of Edward III and died without issue at the tender age of 20 following a fever. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.

The land holdings of the Duchy spread way beyond the borders of Cornwall, and have done since the creation in the fourteenth century. It now owns some 135,000 acres of land spread mainly across Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly, though there are holdings in twenty other counties spread across England. As previously stated, the purpose of the Duchy is to provide an income for the heir apparent, and to that end although they have title and benefit of the land they cannot sell any of the land for personal gain. The current Duke of Cornwall is Prince Charles and he has undertaken considerable work through the Duchy to ensure that not only does it provide an income for him, it also greatly benefits the people of Cornwall.

Prince Charles was proclaimed Duke of Cornwall at Launceston Castle in 1973, and when he married Camilla Parker Bowles in 2005, she elected to use Duchess of Cornwall as her main title in England. Only this month, The Duke and Duchess together with the Queen and Prince Philip went to Poundbury as reported on Royal Central. This is land forming part of the Ducal estate near Dorchester, where in association with West Dorset District Council a new community was created in a development started in 1988 with a style of architecture and urban planning which reflected the Prince’s views. A similar development of  174 dwellings was started near Newquay in 2012, and a larger development of 800 homes, a school and shops nearby to this is also moving through the planning process.

The previous Duke before Prince Charles was Edward, Prince of Wales later to become Edward VIII. When George VI became King in 1936, he only had daughters and so the title remained with the Crown. It is a well-known fact, that the current British Royal Family are superb at succession planning, Prince William, Prince Charles’ eldest son is already a member of the Duchy Council and attends the twice-yearly meetings.

  • Mr. Christian

    Perhaps for once Republic has a role in exposing the income and consequent power that the Duchy of Cornwall brings to Prince–I want two hundred soft boiled eggs at brekker to choose–Charles. While I do not like them, Prince Charles as in looking away from 28 million Yemeni children being starved to death by the Saudi’s has brought the worst and most obvious shame upon Monarchy. God does not forgive genocide. Read the Divine Comedy for a road map. And, as bad, Charles has his position and wealth to cause fratricidal warfare among the members of his family, of which according to Princess Diana, I have distant relations. There is no salvation perhaps for the Windsors, should try to become King, as well because he cannot in truth take Coronation Oath, since he is a Muslim, outside the Anglican Church among his many compounded sins for which atonement is not possible.

    • Diana Hockley

      Stop talking rubbish. You are delusional.

  • Mr. Christian

    Dear Prince Charles: Saudi Arabia is busy destroying Yemen. Apart from destroying beautiful ancient buildings; and, schools and hospitals, there are 28 million children at risk of starvation very soon, as at Auschwitz. Saudi Arabia’s allies France, America; and, China are doing nothing. Only minimal food aide arrived yesterday from apparently the World Food Program; but, there is little brush to burn to cook it. Everything is needed. I ask you to call your friends in the Saudi Royal Family to cease hostilities immediately. The U.N. needs to be contacted for the Human Rights Commission issues of other nations that support the war against women and children. I ask that the British Military; France’s Medicins San Frontire and other international bodies and nations be mobilized as an international relief force by air and sea. I shall pray that Britain and you take bold action on this. Perhaps Prince Harry and some of the aide could fly in, as soon as hostilities cease. Thank you.

  • Mr. Christian

    I also implore that HM the Queen and the Duke of Edinburg become involved, as Prince Charles has not moved on this atrocity. I do not believe that the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry would support the death by starvation of innocent children.

  • Debra

    Charles wasn’t proclaimed Duke of Cornwall in 1973. He became The Duke of Cornwall in 1952 in the instant his mother became Queen.

    • PB

      Whilst it was always known he would be Duke of Cornwall he was not officially proclaimed Duke of Cornwall and given access to the income until he was 25 in a Ceremony at Launceston Castle in the same way whilst he was Heir to the throne and would be Prince of Wales he was not made Prince of Wales until 1958 and not invested as PoW until 1969

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