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Prince Charles lays down roots in South Australia

Prince Charles will open the Prince's Foundation for Building Community in Southern Australia.

Prince Charles will open the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community in Southern Australia.

The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community is ‘paving the road’ in Australia.

The Prince of Wales’s charity will be part of a ‘landmark urban development project in South Australia,’ according to the Australian paper, The Herald Sun.

According to Adelaide’s The Advertiser, The Prince’s Foundation “will open its first office outside of the United Kingdom in SA in the near future.”

What began in 1987 when His Royal Highness aired “Vision for Britain” – a documentary on the BBC which detailed the contemporary design and planning in Britain – turned into part of the group of charities known as the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

“It astounds me to think that it was over twenty-five years ago that I started on the rather rough road towards what has now become my Foundation. It seemed to me then, as it does still, that the nature of our built environment has a crucial impact on our quality of life and our physical and mental well-being,” commented Prince Charles on the Foundation’s website.

The trust, along with Renewal SA, will construct six homes that will “demonstrate attractive, low-carbon and medium-density living,’ according to a report in The Herald Sun.

The Prince became interested in undertaking city revitalization projects after his visit to Adelaide with the Duchess of Cornwall in 2012.

“I am delighted that my Foundation combines education with championing community-building worldwide … to create long-term, practical solutions to the communities in which we live,” Prince Charles commented via The Prince of Wales website.

The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community has undertaken projects throughout Britain, Haiti, Sierra Leone and The Galápagos Islands.

It also offers courses through Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education, the University of Wales and Construction Skills, as well as internationally in such places as New Orleans and Vancouver according to Prince Charles’s website.

photo credit: kenleewrites via photopin cc

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