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The next generation of Windsors – Part 1

With the recent birth of a future king, the eyes of the world have turned on the British Monarchy. With 3 future kings ready and waiting, people are beginning to wonder: How much change is ahead? In recent months, the senior royals have had their fair share of health issues. Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized for the first time in years with a bout of gastroenteritis; Prince Philip has been in and out of hospital in the recent years with heart problems and a recurring bladder infection, causing him to miss several key royal events, most notably at the Diamond Jubilee concert last June and The Duke of Kent suffered a stroke this past spring but eventually made a recovery in time to escort his cousin to Trooping the Colour.

Princess Alexandra recently temporarily ended her engagements due to suffering from arthritis, she’s now back doing engagements. Their children and grandchildren have already stepped up to the plate, many taking on engagements themselves. But just who will carry the Windsor name into the 22nd century? The following names are the ones that will one day make the headlines of the world:

HRH Prince George of Cambridge

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Name: George Alexander Louis

Parents: TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Birthday: July 22nd 2013

Claim to Throne: 3rd in line

Relation to Queen: Great Grandson

Future title: King

Interesting Fact: Prince George is the first great-grandson of Her Majesty and Prince Philip.

photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin

Lady Louise Windsor

Name: Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary

Parents: TRH the Earl and Countess of Wessex

Birthday: November 8th 2003

Claim to the Throne: 10th in line

Relation to Queen: Granddaughter

Future title: Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor

Interesting Fact: The first royal baby to be born in a NHS hospital.

Savannah Phillips

Name: Savannah Anne Kathleen

Parents: Peter and Autumn Phillips

Birthday: December 29th 2010

Claim to the throne: 13th in line

Relation to Queen: Great Granddaughter

Future title: N/A

Interesting Fact: Her Majesty’s eldest great-grandchild

James, Viscount Severn

Name: James Alexander Philip Theo

Parents: TRH the Earl and Countess of Wessex

Birthday: December 17th 2007

Claim to the throne: 9th in line

Relation to Queen: Grandson

Future title: Earl of Wessex

Interesting Fact: First royal baby to use a newly commissioned christening gown

Isla Phillips

Name: Isla Elizabeth

Parents: Peter and Autumn Phillips

Birthday: March 29th 2012

Claim to the throne: 14th in line

Relation to Queen: Great Granddaughter

Future title: N/A

Interesting Fact: Named after her great-grandmother in her Diamond Jubilee year

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