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A Royal Christening: Why the Cambridges will forge their own path

On the eve of His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge’s christening – with all of the speculation circulating about godparents and wardrobe choices – I think it’s important to look at the only information we know for sure: Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge love to keep us guessing! From the very beginning of their relationship (let’s be honest … who ever envisioned Prince William being allowed to marry a “commoner”?), marriage ceremony, early married life, Prince William’s recent career shift, and not immediately having a child, the Duke and Duchess have proven they are non-traditional modern royals who are following their own path.

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge

After enrolling at the same university, Prince William and his girlfriend were allowed the privilege that no other royal couple has ever been awarded: FREEDOM! The future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship was allowed to blossom out of the public eye during this time. According to both William and Catherine, this time was invaluable to them. They were able to know and understand each other before the world was clued into a royal romance. Ten years came and went without a proposal, once again leaving everyone guessing about the state and validity of their relationship. Finally, on a cold November evening, the news everyone had been waiting for from Clarence House finally broke. Prince William was engaged to his long-term girlfriend and was due to wed in less than six months!

The time had come for the future King to marry. Although there had been over three-hundred dignitaries suggested to Prince William for a special invitation, most of whom he or his bride did not know, none actually attended. With Her Majesty’s permission, the royal couple decided to keep the ceremony as intimate as possible. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also broke tradition on this special day when they kissed twice on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and when the Duke drove his bride home. Immediately after the ceremony ended, speculation about the birth of a royal baby began.

Almost two years passed between their wedding day and the day they announced that the Duchess of Cambridge was expecting, something that is non-traditional for royal couples. The Prince and Princess of Wales announced their pregnancy with Prince William less than a year after their wedding. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also not hired a full-time nanny, another break of royal tradition. Instead, they have chosen to care for their child on their own, as much as they can.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leaving hospital with their newborn son, Prince George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leaving hospital with their newborn son, Prince George

With the recent announcement of an intimate forty-five minute christening for His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, dashing all my hopes and dreams of receiving an invitation, I can’t say I was overly shocked. The Cambridge’s have always striven to be a normal family and, I believe, this will always be the case as they raise Prince George. They will provide him with the best of both worlds. I have previously written about my predictions for Prince George’s godparents, many of whom are considered commoners, not royals. The media has recently picked up on this prediction as well. I believe that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge want meaningful choices for their son’s godparents, not just choices that are royally correct.

Throughout their time raising Prince George, the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge will, I believe, do everything in their power to ensure he knows what it is like to be normal, to give him invaluable experience for the day he becomes King!

photo credits: carmenherbs & Steve Rhodes via photopin

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