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US Judge rejects sex allegations against Prince Andrew

A federal judge in Florida has refused an effort by two women to join a high-profile sexual abuse lawsuit that involved shocking allegations against The Duke of York and a well-known U.S. lawyer, Alan Dershowitz.

The Duke of York speaking in Newcastle in December 2014. Photo courtesy of The Duke of York.

The Duke of York speaking in Newcastle in December 2014. Photo courtesy of The Duke of York.

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra delivered his ruling Tuesday in the case involving affluent financier Jeffrey Epstein. The two women, named Jane Does No. 3 and No. 4, petitioned to be among the many women Epstein sexually abused as teenagers.

They planned to participate in a lawsuit filed by other purported Epstein victims requesting to reopen a non-prosecution arrangement Epstein made with federal prosecutors. Epstein was convicted of state sex offences and served a 13-month jail sentence.

“At this juncture in the proceedings, these lurid details are unnecessary,” Marra stated in his order, delivered at the US District Court in southern Florida Tuesday morning. “These unnecessary details shall be stricken.”

Marra directed the shocking claims against Prince Andrew and lawyer Alan Dershowitz stricken from the court record. The Duke of York and Dershowitz categorically denied any misconduct.

Judge Marra did not make a ruling or statement about the reliability of Roberts’s allegations.

Marra concurred with Federal prosecutors who contested admitting the two Jane Does to join the lawsuit filed in 2008.

“Justice does not require amendment in this instance,” Marra wrote.

In January during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Prince Andrew stated that he believed he must echo the statements released by Buckingham Palace, refuting the allegations.

Buckingham Palace previously released a fervently worded email vigorously repudiating the claims saying the allegations are “categorically untrue”, “false” and “without any foundation”.
Andrew revealed that he felt he “must refer to the events of the last few weeks” and ended his short statement saying “my focus is on my work”.

Photo Credit: The Duke of York 2014