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The Yorks

Prince Andrew embroiled in new ‘N-word’ row

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

The Duke of York has been embroiled in further controversy after a former Downing Street aide alleged that he used a racially insensitive term of phrase.

The allegation published by the London Evening Standard is denied by Buckingham Palace, with sources telling the paper the Duke would never use such language.

One of David Cameron’s key aides during his premiership, Rohan Silva, claims Prince Andrew used the ‘N-word’ during a discussion in 2012 about trade.

Mr Silva, who is of Sri Lankan decent, alleges the Duke responded to a question, saying: “Well, If you’ll pardon the expression, that really is the n***** in the woodpile.” 

‘N***** in the woodpile’ is a highly offensive phrase which originated in the 19th Century as a way to describe fugitive slaves who hid in piles of logs.

It was once a widely used figure of speech, but is now completely unacceptable.

The last high profile British figure to utter the term was Conservative Party politician Anne Marie Morris in 2017, who afterwards issued an apology.

Her apology wasn’t enough, however, with Prime Minister Theresa May suspending her from the party for six months.

The allegation made by Mr Silva will only cause further headache for Buckingham Palace after Prince Andrew’s calamitous Newsnight interview over the weekend.

The Duke had hoped that sitting down for the 50 minute BBC interrogation would draw a line under the sand, however, it appears to have done the opposite.