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The Wessexes

The Countess of Wessex talks to Harper's Bazaar

<![CDATA[The Countess of Wessex has given a rare interview to Harper’s Bazaar, and Royal Central has been given access to some of the article’s highlights.
In Bazaar’s upcoming February edition, The Countess was interviewed by editor-in-chief Justine Picardie at Buckingham Palace, where she spoke on a number of different topics in detail. Sophie, who turns 50 in January, was photographed by Henry Bourne at Bagshot Park, The Wessex family’s home in Surrey. The Countess appears leaning against an arch overlooking a courtyard in an ankle-length blue wool dress from Emilia Wickstead, nude pointed heels, with one of the family’s dogs, Martha, at her feet (see below).
Here, we show you what Sophie said about The Queen, fashion and conversation, a key part of her job as a working member of The Royal Family.
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Talking about what she has learnt from The Queen, The Countess revealed she used to value speed in her work, but working with The Queen, she has taken a leaf out of Her Majesty’s book:

‘It doesn’t matter how tired you are – carry on. In the early days, I used to rush around as quickly as I could, but when you observe The Queen, she does things in such a measured way, and I hope I’ve learnt to try not to bounce into the room, but do things in a slightly more elegant way.’
‘The Queen would never let anybody down, and that means that you feel the same way. Because there’s that part of her which I’m sure is like the proverbial stick of rock… the word “service” just runs through her.’

A key part of Royal work is talking to the people involved with the place or project the Royal visits. Sophie, mother of two, reveals her admiration for The Queen’s conversational technique. Many people over the years have said that The Queen shows her genuine interest in you for that short amount of time.

The art of talking meaningfully is one that has to be learnt. It’s hard to make people feel that the conversation you’ve had with them was worthwhile, but The Queen is very good at that – she makes everybody feel very special.’

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A close up of the Harper’s Bazaar cover featuring The Countess of Wessex. Photo: Henry Bourne

The Countess has been considered one of the more fashionable Royal ladies over the last few years, and had this to say about the British fashion industry:

‘From the outside, it’s very easy to look at fashion and be slightly dismissive of it, but it is a huge bonus to our economy that is often underestimated.’

This edition of the magazine is released 2nd January. With thanks to Harper’s Bazaar
Photo: Henry Bourne]]>