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Prince Charles and Camilla

Will Prince Charles need to quarantine on his return to the UK from Kuwait?

The Prince of Wales has arrived in Kuwait for a short visit at the request of the British government in order to pay condolences to Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the country’s Emir, who died last month.

Prince Charles is only expected to be in the country for a short time, however, strict travel restrictions are in place in the UK due to the ongoing public health emergency.

This raises questions over whether the heir to the throne will need to isolate on his return.

As the law stands, anybody returning to the UK from Kuwait must self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

This means starting on the day of arrival, people should not go to work, school or any public place including supermarkets.

However, there are a number of limited exemptions to the quarantine rules.

International elite sportspersons, medics and pilots are amongst the limited number of professions where the quarantine period may be reduced, or eliminated entirely.

The Prince of Wales may also be exempt from self-isolating for 14 days as he is on a diplomatic mission representing the UK.

There is no direct reference to members of The Royal Family in the list of travel exemptions, however, it is likely that Prince Charles will be granted special immunities and privileges due to the nature of his visit.

Despite this, it is possible that the Prince may decide to isolate for the full period in any event in an effort to lead by example.