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Prince Charles Says Becoming A Grandfather “Makes Him Feel Old”

The Prince of Wales has spoken about how the imminent birth of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child and the prospect of becoming a grandfather makes him feel old. The Prince was interviewed as part of the Countryfile programme which he participated in last week.

When asked about whether it made him feel old, the Prince of Wales said, “Of course it [becoming a grandfather] does, because you can’t believe, to a certain extent, that’s going to happen in your life. It’s a lovely thought and I look forward enormously to that relationship with a grandchild.”

Prince Charles, during the Countryfile programme, explained his desire to continue preserving the environment for future generations and how his desire to do so and encourage others has been increased by the prospect of becoming a grandfather.

“We need to think about what kind of world we’re handing on to our successors, particularly our grandchildren,” he said. “It should make us reflect a bit how we do things so that we don’t ruin it for them. That’s why it’s so important to work in harmony with nature rather than somehow thinking we can ignore or dominate or separate ourselves from nature.”

This latest interview comes in a series of candid confessions about Prince Charles’s thoughts on his own future. Recently, he was recorded saying he feels like he’s running out of time to make a difference as King.

The Prince of Wales is an avid champion for environmental preservation and has used his position many times for the good of promoting environmental conservation.

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