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Prince Charles launches tourism initiative to aid rural areas

<![CDATA[On 9 April The Prince of Wales began an initial scheme to embolden tourist support of The Prince’s Countryside Fund. The fund assists individuals who live and work in rural areas. The scheme was introduced at a reception at The George Hotel in Penrith.
Sponsored by major tourism businesses throughout the UK, the scheme will encourage tourists across the country to contribute towards projects supported by The Prince’s Countryside Fund. The fund provides numerous opportunities for residents in rural areas in Britain.
The Prince of Wales meets the crowd gathered outside of The George Hotel in Penrith on 9 April 2014.

The fund is able to “provide grants of up to £50,000 to projects that are tackling one of five key issues. Our grants will aim to improve service provision in rural areas, support rural enterprise, support farming businesses, and provide training opportunities for young people and educating people about the value of the countryside,” according to it’s website.
During the reception held at The George Hotel, Prince Charles discussed that the programme will start during the 2014 summer season:

“To my mind there is a powerful bond between tourism and our rural communities and that is one reason why I started the Prince’s Countryside Fund in 2010. For me it matters as much that those who live in urban areas have a countryside to visit and cherish, as it does that farmers can continue to live and work on their land producing food for the nation. But the delicately woven tapestry which is our countryside is facing unprecedented challenges. Start pulling the threads and the rest unravels very rapidly indeed. No farmers, beautiful landscapes with stone walls; no thriving rural communities, no villages – or village pubs; no sustainable agriculture, no distinctive locals foods,” he concluded.

Charles has been an ardent a champion of British farming and rural areas. In 1999 The Prince’s Countryside Fund was launched. His visit this month marked the 15 year anniversary of the charity.
Photo Credit: Cumberland and Westmorland Herald]]>