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Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles jokes about host's disastrous interview for Countdown's 40th birthday

<![CDATA[Prince Charles has created an amusing film which pokes fun at an interview he took part in on Australian television 37 years ago.
During an interview with Molly Meldrum in 1977 on ABC's music show Countdown, the Prince witnessed Meldrum stumble and swear his way through multiple takes of what was supposed to be a quick introduction recording about The Prince of Wales.
In celebration of the 40th birthday of Countdown, Prince Charles filmed a sketch, recounting and joking about the disastrous interview.
Charles begins the film by saying: “There is an old showbusiness saying ‘never work with animals or children’. But no one prepared me for Molly Meldrum.”
After some shots of Charles attempting to make small talk with the clearly nervous interviewer, the Prince recollects: “Was it really 40 years ago? It only seems like yesterday. I wish it were tomorrow – I’d cancel it!”
After only being able to string a few words together, Meldrum gets frustrated at the continuous mistakes and throws a few outbursts in front of the young Prince of Wales.
When recalling this somewhat memorable interview, Charles exclaims: “I certainly learned some interesting new Australian words from Mr Meldrum. And if he could have read my mind he could have learned some interesting new English words from me!”

Although this was clearly an awkward interview for both the Prince and Meldrum, Charles looks back at this moment with amusement and laughter. It has been alleged that The Prince of Wales wrote the sketch himself in celebration of Countdown‘s birthday.
To end the film he says: “Congratulations to Countdown, it was an evening I will never forget, and a special thank you to Molly Meldrum. Countdown – gone, but not forgotten.”
ABC’s director of television, Richard Finlayson spoke about the clip, saying: “We’re absolutely thrilled His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, has taken time out from his royal duties to help celebrate Countdown’s birthday with us”. He continued by commenting: “The sketch highlights His Royal Highness’ keen sense of humour and the obvious affection he has for Molly and Countdown.”
Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour airs on ABC TV at 7.40pm on 16th and 23rd November.
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