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Prince Charles and Camilla

Duchess of Cornwall visits RAF training station and Cornwall Air Ambulance on last day in Cornwall

The Duchess of Cornwall attended two engagements following the Ocean Plastics Awareness Day she attended with The Duke of Cornwall earlier on Wednesday.

Camilla ended this week's visit to Cornwall with stops at RAF St Mawgan and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Camilla ended this week’s visit to Cornwall with stops at RAF St Mawgan and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The first event had Camilla visit RAF St Mawgan.

RAF St Mawgan is a training station and home to the Defence SERE Training Organisation. SERE stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction.

SERE training is extended to all members of the UK Armed Forces, from all three Services, deploying on operations overseas.

Those deployed overseas receive training depending to assure their safety and knowledge to perform efficiently as well as maximise their odds of survival if separated from their units, whether on land and at sea.

During her visit on Wednesday, The Duchess of Cornwall watched a demonstration of SERE tactics and met with various personnel.

Following the exciting demonstration at RAF St Mawgan, Camilla stopped at Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Cornwall Air Ambulance flies approximately 700 rescue missions each year. They provided swift and efficient medical care to patients in their moment of need despite the challenges of the scattered population, rugged landscape, isolated rural and island communities and secluded beaches.

Cornwall Air Ambulance was the first service of its kind in the UK. Since 1987, the service has flown more than 25,000 missions, saving a myriad of peoples lives.

Camilla became the first official patron of Cornwall Air Ambulance in 2011.

During a three-day tour of Cornwall in July 2012, The Duchess formally opened the charity’s new operations facility and charity headquarters.

During the visit, she paid tribute to the hard work and dedication of the
Cornwall Air Ambulance team by commenting: “I just want to congratulate you all on this wonderful job with the new building. I have spoken to so many people who have been saved by the air ambulance, and I don’t know what this community and others would do in Britain without the air ambulance. I want to say thank you to everybody for the service they provide and the lives they save.”

During her visit, she viewed the ambulance service’s new helicopter before meeting aircrew and previous patients.

Before leaving, Camilla cut the turf on the site of what will be the service’s new volunteer fundraising annex.

Photo Credit: Sean Amey via Flickr