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Could Prince Charles walk Meghan down the aisle?

As Royal Wedding fever comes to an all high, the certainty of who will walk Meghan Markle down the aisle fades. It had been previously announced from Kensington Palace that her father, Thomas Markle, would be flying to the United Kingdom alongside his ex-wife Doria in preparation for the wedding, in which he would walk his daughter down the aisle.

However, in the last four days, Thomas has apparently gone back and forth on his decision to attend the wedding. The latest supposed news is that he required heart surgery that would prevent him from participating. Kensington Palace has only said that this is a “deeply personal moment for Ms Markle”, and they asked for “understanding and respect to be extended” to Thomas Markle.

With his attendance looking less and less likely, many have voiced their support for The Prince of Wales to walk his future daughter-in-law down the aisle. Many think it would be a great moment for Prince Charles in order for him to demonstrate acceptance and unity. Others say it would simply be great because Prince Charles does not have a daughter of his own.

This would not be the first time His Royal Highness has walked a bride down the aisle. He walked Alexandra Knatchbull, goddaughter of Diana, Princess of Wales, down the aisle at her wedding to Thomas Hooper in 2016 as her estranged father looked on. Many suspected at the time it was because the family was close to The Prince of Wales and that her father was also in ill health, while many believed the bride was very frosty towards her father for leaving her mother, but still wanted him at the wedding in a different capacity.

While the world waits to see who will end up walking Meghan down the aisle, it does indeed seem very unlikely it will be her father. Whether it’s Prince Charles, her mother Doria, or even Meghan walking by herself, Saturday’s Royal Wedding is sure to be a magical and enchanting day.