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Prince Charles and Camilla

Australian Radio Show asks Prince Charles to confirm rumours of his travel habits

While in Australia, Prince Charles was bombarded with an off-hand question about rumours circulating about his travel habits.

Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion And Defiance Of Prince Charles was published recently and claims the heir to the British throne travels with “his orthopaedic bed, personal toilet seat, Kleenex Premium Comfort toilet paper, fresh linen a chest of drawers and two landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.”

Austrailian radio stations Hit105’s reporter, Jase, from the breakfast show of Stav, Abby & Matt performed a very impromptu interview with Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Jase: “Hello Charles. Is it true that you carry your own toilet seat when you travel?”

Prince Charles: “I what?”

Jase: “Your own toilet seat, when you trav-”

Prince Charles: “Oh, don’t believe all that crap. The very idea.”

Prince Charles then continued on so the reporter then proceeded to ask the Duchess of Cornwall the same question.

Jase: “Hi Camilla. So, he doesn’t carry his own toilet seat when he travels?”

The Duchess did not reply but instead gave a bit of a groan.

Later in the day, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall opened the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast as part of their tour of the country.

Upon arrival, the couple was greeted in Brisbane by Governor-General Peter Cosgrove with a 21-gun salute.

They visited a children’s hospital in Brisbane after a walkabout where royal fans risked a chance of rain just to see them.

The tour comes as Australia is debating having a local head-of-state after the death of Queen Elizabeth. It is the first time since Australia became a self-governing country 117 years ago that both the Prime Minister and opposition agree on this.

Prince Harry and his then-wife, Meghan Markle, will be visiting Australia in October for the Invictus Games. Their popularity may raise the image of the monarchy in Australian eyes, but at this point, it seems it will do little to save it from moving on after Her Majesty.