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The Queen’s corgis star in fun holiday game

The Queen has consistently held high approval rankings throughout her reign, but also gaining the affection of the public were her cherished four-legged companions. So many have been charmed by The Queen’s beloved corgis over the years. There have been all kinds of souvenirs celebrating the beloved royal pups.

There was even an animated movie called The Queen’s Corgi that was released in early 2019, and the pup also featured in the children’s book A Day with The Queen that we reviewed on our site a few months ago.

Photo: Yappy

Now Yappy, a site which offers personalized items for people’s dogs, has added to the collection of items celebrating the canines. They released four puzzles which challenge players to spot The Queen’s corgis. The game is similar to the classic Where’s Waldo but with a royal twist and holiday theme.

One of the puzzles. Photo: Yappy

Of course, Yappy couldn’t resist some great dog and royal puns. The directions include references to “Queen Elizabark”, “re-barkable scenes”, and “paw-tential”. So, if you need a festive way to pass the time, see if it is paw-sibble to spot all The Queen’s corgis. How long will it take you to find them all?

Just in time for Christmas, the makers of the puzzles will also create specialised ones just for you and your special dog under the title of “Where’s [name of your dog]?” for just £14.99. You can find it here.