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The good luck gift that became one of the most famous tiaras in the world

It’s one of the most striking of all royal tiaras, only ever worn by queens, and chosen for some of the most important events in the regal calendar. The ruby and diamond diadem belonging to the Royal Family is one of the most famous in the world but it began as a good luck gift.

Queen Camilla wore it most recently for the State Banquet for the Emperor and Empress of Japan but she had first added a new chapter to its history when she chose it for the State Banquet in honour of the President of South Korea at the end of 2023.

Queen Camilla in the Burmese ruby tiara at the State Banquet for the Emperor and Empress of Japan
(Royal Family/ Instagram)

Her Majesty is only the second person ever to wear it. For this very modern ruby tiara was created in the late 20th century for Queen Elizabeth II.

It features rubies which were given to Her Late Majesty as a gift and which are said to bring good luck.

Queen Camilla first wore the tiara at the State Banquet for the President of South Korea (Stephen Lock/ i-Images)

Made by Garrad and Co., Queen Elizabeth II ordered the Burmese Ruby Tiara in 1973.

It is designed in the form of a wreath of roses with silver and diamonds making up the petals while clusters of gold and rubies form the centre of the flowers.

A total of 96 rubies are mounted on the tiara, with jewels coming from the private collection of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II wore the tiara for what would be the final State Visit she hosted in her historic reign, that of Donald Trump in 2019
(Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

The rubies were originally from a necklace that was gifted as a wedding present in 1947 by the people of Burma (now Myanmar.) The rubies are credited as having the ability to protect its owner from sickness and evil.

As for the diamonds on the tiara, they are a wedding present from the Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar, who had a vast jewellery collection of his own.

The tiara has only ever been worn by Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Camilla.

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