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The Crown actress gives glimpse into the realities of looking regal

Silver screen newcomer Erin Doherty is sharing her insights into what it takes to pull off the put together royal looks we have grown accustomed to. Doherty, 27, will make her acting debut as Princess Anne on the latest season of The Crown. In the press leading up to the release, she gave an in-depth interview to Stella Magazine, an offshoot of The Telegraph.

In it, she highlighted how Anne was very on-trend in the sixties and seventies and has stuck to her signature style in the many decades since. “Because of her sporting side, I don’t think she gets enough credit as a style icon,“ Doherty said. “She was so on-trend in the 1960s and 70s. She figured out her style at that age and she has stuck with it.”

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Perhaps the most fascinating insights came when Doherty discussed the processes involved to create Anne’s signature hairdo. Season three features Anne wearing a half-up, half-down look which Coleman estimates takes an hour and a half to style. The process has stylists “backcomb her locks into the style and set it with hairspray.”

Doherty is bracing for an even longer process in the future. Season Four will see a transition from the half-up, half-down look to Anne’s signature full halo look. Doherty estimates this could double her time in the stylist’s chair.

All of this has provided us with a more in-depth look at what it takes to look royal. That put together, professional, not a hair out of place style is time consuming but creates the image of the strong and dutiful royal, people have come to view Anne as.

Erin Doherty can be seen in the Netflix preview playing Princess Anne below.