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The Sussexes

Will Baby Sussex attend an American school?

With the newest addition to the Royal Family just months away, royalists are already wondering the big questions about “Baby Sussex.” One of those questions is whether the future royal will have an English education like their father or if they will have an American education like their mother?

When Prince Harry, now the Duke of Sussex, was younger, he attended Eton College. Attending with his brother Prince William, Harry has spoken fondly of Eton on many occasions. Eton is one of Britain’s most famous and prestigious schools. With the £40,000-a-year institution just up the road from Harry and the Duchess of Sussex’s new home, only an eight-minute drive to be exact, many are wondering if the baby will one day follow in their famous father’s footsteps.

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However, with the Duchess’s American roots, royal insiders are saying that Meghan and Harry could choose a very different education for their little one and that they may want to send them to an American school.

The little royal could possibly study at ACS, the American Community School located in Egham, Surrey. The school has more than 600 students aged between four and 18 from more than 50 countries.

The school is much cheaper than Eton by £25,000 a year. Students are encouraged to be “catalysts for positive change” as well as “globally minded world citizens.” The school also allows for one to opt for an American high school diploma rather than taking traditional British courses. Other campus features include a new sports complex, climbing walls and a performing arts centre.

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While Meghan and Harry themselves are not even sure if they’ll be welcoming a new lord or lady, the days are winding down as the Duchess is due in late April/early May. Meghan will soon be going on maternity leave as the Duchess wraps up some final engagements.

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