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The Sussexes

Who are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bridesmaids and page boys?

Kensington Palace have announced today, who the six bridesmaids and four page boys will be for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding on Saturday. They all come from families the couple have been close to throughout their lives, what we will have to wait and see is what they will be wearing come the day. It is understood that they and their families have started arriving in England prior to the big day on Saturday, when the eyes of the world will be on their young shoulders.

So let us have a look at who they will be: –


Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

We have not seen much of the cute 3-year-old sister of Prince George, but from her relaxed look when she went to visit her younger brother, Prince Louis, after his birth Princess Charlotte may well be one of the scene-stealers on the day.

Miss Florence van Cutsem

One of Prince Harry’s goddaughters, she is the daughter of Major Nicholas and Mrs Alice van Cutsem. Major Nicholas is a close friend of both Prince William and Prince Harry, and as a Household Cavalry Officer was part of the guard to the carriage at the wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister, Grace, was one of the bridesmaids.

Miss Remi & Miss Rylan Litt

Aged 6 and 7, the daughters of Mr Darren and Mrs Benita Litt are goddaughters of Meghan. The Litt family are close to Meghan, and are California based, Benita is an attorney who works with business start-ups and the entertainment industry and her husband, Darren is an entrepreneur. Meghan is close to the family and has in the past spent Christmas with them.

Miss Ivy Mulroney

The 4-year-old daughter of Mr Benedict and Mrs Jessica Mulroney, she is the younger sister of Brian and John who are pageboys. Meghan has been close to the family, and their mother, Jessica, was one of the ladies, favourited to be a maid-of-honour had Meghan picked one. She is also said to have helped Meghan select her wedding gown.

Miss Zalie Warren

At just two years of age, Miss Zalie Warren is the youngest of the bridesmaids. She is one of Prince Harry’s goddaughters and daughter of Mr Jake and Mrs Zoe Warren. Jake Warren is a close friend of all generations of the Royal Family, as his father, John advises the Queen on racehorses, he is also a godson of Diana, Princess of Wales, Prince Harry’s late mother.

Page Boys:

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

With Prince George being a pageboy there is an interesting synchronicity, his father Prince William was a young page boy, for his Uncle Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Occasionally a little shy at public occasions, he will have his dad, Prince William nearby to support him.

Master Jasper Dyer

Master Jasper Dyer is another of Prince Harry’s godsons. The six-year-old is the son of Mr Mark and Mrs Amanda Dyer. Mr Mark Dyer is a former Welsh Guards Officer and equerry to Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles. After the death of Diana, he became very much a mentor to the young Prince Harry.

Master Brian & Master John Mulroney.

The seven-year old twins are Ivy’s elder brothers and the whole family became close to Meghan whilst she was living in Canada and filming the television series “Suits”. Meghan and Jessica, their mother, are close friends.