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US portrait artist shares two portraits of the Duchess of Sussex

An up and coming skilled US portrait artist has shared two portraits she has drawn of the Duchess of Sussex.

Christian Hillis, 22, drew the images in charcoal and graphite pencils depicting two monumental moments in Meghan’s royal life – her wedding and introducing her first child to the world.

The San Franciso, California resident and Texas native shared the images on social media with many commenting to compliment her beautiful work and skills. She also shared the progress of creating the works of art showing the hard work and time commitment to produce such lifelike images. Each portrait took between six and seven hours to complete.

© Christian Hillis

When asked why she chose to draw the Duchess of Sussex, she explained to Royal Central, “I originally decided to draw these portraits for so many reasons. Her becoming apart of the royal family was something every person of colour all over the world was shocked by. Her presence in the palace and even watching their wedding ceremony, she introduced inclusivity in a space we never thought we’d see it.”

Hillis also explained why she chose the wedding and birth of her son as the portraits to draw, “She just radiates generosity and has inspired so many by just being unapologetically herself. That’s why I chose these two photos specifically. It’s capturing her in her most vulnerable and valuable moments, and we really get to see the warmth and kindness in her and those surrounding her.”

© Christian Hillis

She has shared these works of art in hopes that the Duchess of Sussex will see them and has said she’s “truly glad people are finding some joy in these.”

Hillis has also drawn portraits of Beyonce, Tupac, Malcolm X and First Lady Michelle Obama. You can follow her on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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