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The Sussexes

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s aide receives stern words from Buckingham Palace after media interview

Photo Copyright: Charlie Proctor / Royal Central

Buckingham Palace has issued a warning to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s aides after an unnamed palace source spoke to the media.

The Palace has told staff to “discuss family issues behind closed doors” after an unnamed aide claimed Harry & Meghan has “single-handedly modernised the monarchy.”

Last week the anonymous advisor spoke to American network CNN following the ITV documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

The aide said that officials were unable to help the royal couple “harness and deploy” their potential, while dismissed the reaction to Harry’s comments about his brotherly feud as “hysteria.”

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, another anonymous palace source issued a careful warning to palace staff talking off the record.

They said: “There’s enough experience here – despite what was said – to know that people who jump in with comments from the sanctity of being unnamed and unidentifiable might think they are helping.

“But the family is clear that if there are issues to be discussed they will be discussed behind closed doors.”