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The Sussexes

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex hire former Buckingham Palace aides to work on their charity projects

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have hired two former Buckingham Palace aides on a freelance basis to assist with their charity projects in the United Kingdom.

According to the Daily Mail, Clara Loughran and Beth Herlihy are to be employed by the Sussexes on a freelance basis.

Both Loughran and Herlihy previously worked for Harry and Meghan when they lived in the UK as working royals but lost their jobs following the couple’s relocation.

Former Buckingham Palace aide James Holt is already working for the Sussexes in a Public Relations capacity.

Since losing their jobs as royal aides, the former aides formed Herlihy Loughran, which according to the Mail is an ‘advisory partnership’ that links ‘influential people’ and organisations to good causes.

Harry and Meghan are among the partnership’s first clients.