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The Sussexes

Prince Harry's first day in Brazil

<![CDATA[Today Prince Harry began his week-long tour of Brazil and Chile, attending engagements in Brasilia.
To the backdrop of the World Cup, Harry met with patients undergoing rehabilitation for neurological and orthopaedic problems. The Prince spoke with those who attend the hospital for treatment and their families. At one point, the mother of a girl named Eduarda welled up after Harry chatted to the youngster about her condition and treatment. 
Many of the patients have become paralysed due to their conditions, and so sports, such as wheelchair basketball are used for rehabilitation, with the hope to reversing some of these effects. Another girl was using the video gaming station Wii to help with her mobility.
The Prince, who turns 30 in September, partook in some canoeing on Lake Paranoa. This activity is also to help rehab patients at Sarah Rede hospital. He jokingly invited some of the journalists to join him in the canoe, saying: “Why don’t one of you lot come with me?” The size of it meant it was not possible. 
The aim of the tour is to enhance the links between the UK and Brazil and Chile, and will see Harry attend engagements centred around hospitals, charities, environmental projects, and of course, the World Cup. It seems Harry is the most well-known and popular Royal in the countries, quite possibly the reason he embarked upon this tour, thanks to his visit to the area during the Diamond Jubilee in 2012.
Later, he will attend the Cameroon vs Brazil match, before another day of engagements tomorrow, where we expect to see Harry visit the training base of the GB Olympic teams for Rio 2016.
Pictures with thanks to @byemilyandrews, Royal correspondent for The Sun]]>