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Prince Harry strolls through Shropshire taking part in #WalkOfBritain

Prince Harry put on his trainers and strapped on his rucksack and took part in a leg of the 1000 mile journey that is the Walk of Britain.

Harry was spotted in Shropshire today walking with wounded veterans and their supporters earlier on Wednesday.

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The Walk of Britain started in Scotland on 22 August 22nd. Six wounded veterans embarked on a 1,000 journey through mainland UK via the North East, North West, Wales, Midlands, South West, South East and East Anglia.

Other wounded personnel, the Cadets, Scouts, sponsors and the Military Wives Choir joined the team in various parts of the country to lend their support.

The goal is for veterans to connect with local communities every day to draw attention to the remarkable fortitude of wounded personnel. They will also raise awareness of the work that WWTW is doing in the community to champion the wounded back into an independent lifestyle through employment.

The walk will finish at Buckingham Palace on 1 November.

Walking With The Wounded’s goal is to raise awareness of the incredible courage, daily struggle and fierce determination of wounded servicemen and women. It is also to raise money to help assist in career placement and job training for the wounded and sick who are no longer serving. Harry is Patron of the charity.

Prince Harry has supported WWTW since the charity was formed, taking part in their trek to the North Pole in 2011 and South Pole in 2013. He was also Patron of the WWTW Everest Expedition in 2012.

The 2013 trek to the South Pole consisted of three teams raising money for their respective charities. The United Kingdom for WWTW, Australia for Soldier On, the United States for Soldiers to Summits and Canada for Soldier On.

“These men and women have given their all in the cause of freedom, in our cause, and that they should once again step into the breach, this time facing down the extreme physical and mental challenges of trekking to the South Pole, just underlines their remarkable qualities,” Prince Harry commented in the statement during the launch of South Pole Allied Challenge 2013.

On 13, December 2013, The Walking With the Wounded teams arrived at the South Pole on Friday. At 13:25 GMT, the group, made it to the bottom of the world after three grueling weeks of walking and sled pulling.

The competition aspect of the expedition ended due to the extreme weather conditions and arduous terrain. The twelve injured serviceman and women from the UK, US and Commonwealth, banded together as one team to complete the 200-mile trek.

Prince Harry attended the launch event for the Walk of Britain in March.

During the event, Harry presented a short speech with expedition team member, wounded veteran and co-founder of WWTW, Ed Parker.

“Walk of Britain will cover all parts of the country. Walking through the communities in which our service personnel and veterans grew up and now live. In doing so, Walk of Britain will give everyone the opportunity to meet these remarkable men and women. People up and down the country will get to see first-hand the determination and resolve of those who have served, and, in particular, those who have been injured or suffer hidden wounds. They will see that whatever their circumstances these men and women are looking to the future. They are looking for employers to give them the chance to keep making a contribution to our communities,” Harry stated during his speech.

To learn more about The Walk of Britain and to donate to this fantastic cause visit: The Walk of Britain

Featured Photo Credit: Carol Bodza @m11bod