The Sussexes

Prince Harry gets tested for HIV to raise awareness

Once again Prince Harry won over the public when he broke HIV and AIDS ground by getting tested live on Facebook.

During a trip on Thursday to a London clinic, Prince Harry sat down to receive a quick poke of his finger to show just how easy it is to get tested.

In less than four minutes, Prince Harry had been tested and received his results- negative. A relief for the prince who looked a bit nervous during the endeavour.

Kensington Palace posted a link to the live Facebook video, along with a picture on their Twitter account. The prince was surprised how fast it all went saying: “It’s amazing how quick it is,” and wished more people would get tested to help reduce the stigma that surrounds getting tested.

“It’s better that everyone goes and gets tested. Why wouldn’t you? Whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever, even ginger, why wouldn’t you come and have a test?” Prince Harry said.
Kensington Palace revealed on Twitter that Prince Harry chose to take the test live because he “believes his generation needs to take leadership in the fight against HIV, or risk losing the gains of those who’ve come before.”
Prince Harry will travel to Durban, South Africa next week to attend the 21st International AIDS Conference.
The late Diana, Princess of Wales, Harry’s mother, was known for her work in the HIV and AIDS community. Diana made headlines when she held the hand of someone with the disease, back when it was still believed you could contract it from touch. Prince Harry has said in the past how proud he is to be continuing his mother’s work.
The World Heath Organization estimates that there are around 36.7  million people with HIV in the world at the end of 2015. Around 17 million were on antiretroviral therapy.