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Fantasist found guilty of terror plot to put ‘Ginger’ Prince Harry on the throne

A neo-Nazi fantasist who felt discriminated against because of his ginger hair has been found guilty of planning a terror attack against Prince Charles and Prince William in order for Prince Harry to become King, simply because he too has ginger hair.

A crazed fantasist wanted to kill Prince Charles and Prince William so Prince Harry could become King.

A crazed fantasist wanted to kill Prince Charles and Prince William so Prince Harry could become King.

Mark Colborne had fantasised about shooting Prince Charles and The Duke of Cambridge with a sniper rifle and was only caught out after his half-brother found chemicals and documents in his bedroom, detailing his racial hatred. Following a retrial at the Old Bailey, Colborne has been found guilty of preparing terrorist acts against Charles and William.

In his notebook Colborne wrote ‘I don’t want to be a serial killer. I’m more of an Anders Breivik. I have left potential targets open. I was waiting for an opportunity to kill one of them. Let it be Prince Charles which would be good. Take up a good position and put a bullet in Charles’s head.’

Colborne’s notebook continued, ‘He is protected but not too protected. I would sacrifice my life for that one shot. Kill Charles and William and Harry become King. Kill the tyrants.’

Colborne was found guilty on the grounds that he also possessed handwritten notes copied from internet sources including The Terrorist Handbook, The Complete Improvised Kitchen and The Jolly Roger Cookbook, which gave details about producing explosives. The Jurors also noted that Colborne had guide books on poisonous chemicals such as cyanide, one of which was entitled The Poor Man’s James Bond.

During the trial, the court heard that Colborne felt alienated and marginalised for being a white, ginger haired, man hence the reason why he wanted Prince Harry as King. They also heard that Colborne suffered from agoraphobia and severe depression.

Following his guilty verdict the sentencing of Mark Colborne will take place on November 3rd.

Photo Credit: UK in Italy via photopin cc