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The Sussexes

Duke and Duchess of Sussex spend time with children of WellChild Awards

This evening, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent time at the annual WellChild Awards.

Prince Harry has been patron of WellChild for the past 11 years, but this is the first time Meghan has accompanied him to the event.

At a reception before the award ceremony, the Duke and Duchess took time to speak with each individual child nominated that evening.

One of the children was seven year old, Matilda, who has undergone over 40 operations for her spina bifida. The charming young lady told Meghan that she wanted to be a nurse when she is older.

The Duchess gave Matilda one of the roses from her bouquet that she gave her, suggesting that she should keep it in a memory box.

Prince Harry also had advice for Matilda- “Never stop smiling.”

Other young attendees were Mckenzie Brackley, winner of the Inspirational Child award. Mckenzie was nervous, so Harry turned his chair away from the camera, joking with the young boy that he also doesn’t like the cameras.

Not leaving anyone out, the Duke and Duchess spoke with 12 year old, Jake, who has spinal muscular atrophy. The inspirational boy was told he could not audition for theatre due to his disability. He rose to the challenge, and last December landed the lead role in Tom Fletcher’s The Chirstmasaurus.

Other revelations made this evening is that the couple loves Disney movies. Meghan’s favourite is The Little Mermaid, and Harry confirmed his was The Lion King. They also enjoy Moana and Zootopia.

The WellChild Awards the inspirational children and caregivers of some of the UK’s most ill youth.

After meeting all 15 winners beforehand, the Duke and Duchess sat in on the ceremony with Harry giving a speech and handing out the award Most Inspirational Child (aged four to six).