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Crown Princess Katherine delivers medical equipment to Belgrade hospital

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia visited Sveti Sava hospital in Belgrade this week to deliver medical equipment worth more than 5,800 EUR which will help in the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases.

The medical equipment was donated by Mr Milovan Ristic, an attorney from Belgrade, and included two Dragger’s monitors and five blood pressure measurement devices. As a specialised hospital for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, Sveti Sava focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of cerebrovascular diseases. The hospital staff of more than 400 treat around 8,000 patients each year in their facility and expressed their sincere thanks to both Her Royal Highness and Mr Ristic for their help in preventing and treating these diseases.

Crown Princess Katherine said of her visit: “I’m very glad that we are here in Sveti Sava hospital and that we can help again. In the past we delivered ECG machine, monitoring system and medical vehicle, and also refurbished the ‘stroke department’, and this time we have very valuable patient monitors and blood pressure measurement devices thank to this humane gentleman Mr Ristic who hasn’t forgotten our hospitals and the ones that need help.

“I am sure this medical equipment will be very valuable to doctors here and will help the patients care. I’m very grateful to Mr Ristic and my Foundation for this help. I’m also very proud of my Foundation’s work since in this year we delivered help to numerous institutions in the amount of more than two million euros. My husband HRH Crown Prince Alexander and I will continue to help our hospitals as much as we can.”

The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation was founded in August 2001 with a mission to “work for the benefit of all those in need, regardless of ethnicity or religion since we believe that there are no borders in suffering.” The Foundation aims to help children, refugees, IDP’s and the elderly through the provision of aid to medical institutions and refugee camps.

More information can be found via the Foundation’s website here.