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The Sussexes

Duchess of Sussex’s 2018 wardrobe cost more than any other royal

With a wedding, royal tour, and engagement photos, it is no surprise that the Duchess of Sussex comes in at the top of UFO No More’s annual tally.

The team at UFO No More has calculated the retail cost for new clothing items worn by royal ladies. Now, this doesn’t mean these women actually spent that much as many receive discounts or shop at discount retailers. It is more to give an idea of how much their closet would cost the average joe.

UFO No More

They do also give the disclaimer: “In very few instances, we will estimate a price of an article of clothing. This occurs when the piece is similar to a “base model” being sold, and there are minor details changed (colour, neckline, sleeves, etc.). Out of 1,661 new pieces debuted this year by these ladies – only 34 of these pieces did we estimate a price. We mention this in an effort to convey the most transparent and accurate view of the costs.”

UFO No More

Meghan comes in at number one with a spending of 478,386 € (USD 508,574). Although “number is likely higher because only 255 pieces out of her 324 new pieces have prices and thus are included in this amount.”

One of the reasons Meghan’s number is so high is the Cartier Reflection Wedding Bracelet and Earrings with a price tag of 206,022€ (USD 233,000). They have included this in the total since they were never confirmed as a gift. However, if it turns out Prince Charles did gift them to Meghan as rumoured, they would be deducted from the total.

UFO No More

Meghan’s Givenchy wedding gown is also not included as it was custom with no way to judge a base price. Her Stella McCartney dress is included as a nearly identical dress was part of the latest collection.

Crown Princess Mary came in second with a new wardrobe costing 102,914€ (USD 144,349) for 105 pieces and debuting 170 pieces.

Next might surprise you, the Countess of Wessex takes the third spot at 86,675€ (USD 91,939). Fourth place is held by the Duchess of Cambridge at 80,237€ (USD 85,097), but Kate was on maternity leave for a few months, so that helped lower her total.

UFO No More has totalled the costs of 14 royal ladies in both the United Kingdom and European monarchies. You can read the full breakdown of costs on their website.