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The Sussexes

Duchess of Sussex is cutting back on engagements for Royal Tour

The Duchess of Sussex is cutting back on engagements after a busy first few days of the tour.

She missed the awards for time trials cycling the morning after the Opening Ceremony. The ceremony ran late due to a thunderstorm that pushed back the opening to ensure the safety of everyone. Technical issues were also addressed as lightning hit the stage affecting electrical equipment.

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess have decided to cut back The Duchess’s schedule slightly for the next couple of days, ahead of the final week and a half of the tour.”

Adding that the Duchess will still attend the rest of today‘s engagements and they will both fly out to Fraser Island where due to the rough terrain Meghan will not be undertaking any engagements.

The Duchess is feeling fine but putting her health and baby first after a late night.

As of this point, everything else is going as planned.

Prince Harry attended the cycling awards by himself and took time to chat with the competitors.

He joked with team members of Team Great Britain, shaking the hand of the teddy bear they were holding. Another member of the Australian team placed a speedo on his own head and tried to get Prince Harry to sign it. He politely passed.

The Duchess will still visit Fiji and Tonga but it is possible that her schedule will be slightly adjusted.