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Stunning blooms at the Royal Wedding

For months there has been speculation over the details of the Royal Wedding including what the floristry would be like on the big day. As the wedding unfolds, we can finally see the beautiful bridal bouquet and the displays within St George’s Chapel which are elegant but do not detract from the splendour of the building. The outside of the hall is decked in fabulous foliage which sweeps effortlessly up the stairs and frames the building very well.

Florist Philippa Craddock and a team from Buckingham Palace and St George’s Chapel have collaborated to create the stunning arches and displays with many components being taken from Windsor Great Park and the Crown Estates.

Harry and Meghan chose Philippa Craddock the London based florist personally as they loved her style and her belief in sourcing local, seasonal and sustainable flowers where possible. Philippa stated that the main bulk of the arrangements would actually be foliage from native trees, with the silver birch being an essential component to reflect the grounds of Windsor Castle. We can certainly see this today as St George’s Chapel is filled with branches of beech and birch paired with beautiful seasonal flowers such as peonies, white blooms and garden roses which look like they are naturally climbing up the walls in parts of the chapel and are used as a vast arch outside. The flower choices are thought to be a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

The environmentally friendly floristry also includes wildflowers and pollinator-friendly blooms which look stunning and even hint at the importance of growing such flowers bees and the local ecosystem.

Meghan’s personality and preferences are not lost in the arrangements, and her simple yet stunning bouquet of white blooms and green foliage looks splendid alongside her white dress.

Many of the gorgeous flowers will be given out to charitable organisations when the celebrations come to an end later today