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Rihanna accused of disrespecting The Queen on Instagram

Last Friday, The Queen celebrated her 91st birthday. She kept things low-key this year unlike last year’s three days of celebrations; Her Majesty received numerous messages of congratulations and warm wishes on her birthday on social media. Singer Rihanna also took to Instagram, but not to wish Her Majesty a happy birthday. Though, maybe she was doing so just in her own way.

Rihanna came under fire for disrespecting the monarch by posting photos on social media of The Queen’s head photoshopped on her own body. The first image shows The Queen in a green outfit with the accompanying caption reading: “Be humble.”

be humble.

A post shared by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Apr 22, 2017 at 9:24am PDT

Another photo shows Her Majesty wearing a fluffy red piece with the caption: “Y’all chickens is ash, and I’m lotion. ” Two other photos feature The Queen in sequins and buying beer without wearing a bra. Another caption says: “Mumz said she won’t too happy bout this post so I had to edit *insert appropriate Gucci Mane lyrics here*.” If this is a tribute to Her Majesty, it certainly does not capture her personality, style, or manner of speech.

The singer’s actions have angered many. One comment posted to one of the pictures was shared in Cosmopolitan and read: “Stop disrespecting the Queen. Idc if u dislike this comment or even block me for saying this but how could u! The queen is a very very very very very important person in our lives and it’s very disrespectful to just do this. It’s all over the news and I think your just doing this for attention and to be on the news. STOP RIHANNA.” Another person said: “This is SO disrespectful! Do not ask for respect when don’t give any.”

What do you think of these photos? Do you find Rihanna’s posting of them disrespectful? Let us know in the comments.