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Who will fund Harry & Meghan’s security now they are stepping down?


The decision by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back from royal duties has led to many questions including who will pay for their security as they make the move to becoming financially independent. Now the couple have sought to answer the queries with a detailed explanation on their new website.

The site,, was launched as they made their announcement that they would be changing the way they worked as members of the Royal Family. On the site there is a section on funding which covers how their financial future looks in the short and long term. And one area up for discussion is whether they will pay for their own security.

Under a question ”does their financial future autonomy extend to covering the costs of security?” the website states that ”the provision of security by the Metropolitan Police is mandated by the Home Office…the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are classified as internationally protected people which mandates this level of security”.

The website also answers questions about what public funding they will receive in future. It outlines that 5% of Harry and Meghan’s office is funded via the Sovereign Grant and that this money will be phased out in 2020 as they move to their new arrangement. It states that the other 95% of their official costs ”is derived from income allocated by HRH The Prince of Wales, generated through the Duchy of Cornwall.”. It adds that ”this provision has been in place since Prince William and Prince Harry first established their offices in support of The Queen and is the responsibility of The Prince of Wales”.

And it also underlines the importance both Harry and Meghan place on being able to earn their own income, saying that they can’t do that in the current set up.

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