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Queen’s ill health may stop her from attending church again

Uncertainty continues to surround The Queen’s health and whether or not she will attend church this Sunday as Her Majesty has not been seen in public since Christmas after she came down with a heavy cold.

Buckingham Palace was not able to confirm whether the 90-year-old monarch would attend this Sunday’s service at Sandringham. It is standard for Her Majesty to attend the church service every Sunday, however, the potential visits have attracted recent media and public attention as an indication for how well The Queen is doing.

On New Year’s Day, Princess Anne said that The Queen was feeling “better” despite the fact she missed the New Year’s Day church service. This week, however, Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the reassurances Princess Anne made earlier in the week.

Palace officials said her appearance at Sunday’s church service would be confirmed after 9:30 am on the day itself.

As a result of the “heavy cold” she is suffering from, she was not able to attend the Christmas morning church service at St Mary Magdalene Church for the first time since 1988. Before 1988, Her Majesty instead attended a church service at Windsor meaning that this was the first time The Queen was absent from communion in recent living memory.

Prince Philip had also fell ill to a heavy cold and was initially worse off than The Queen. However, he has since recovered while Her Majesty is still recovering.

As well as that, the cold forced her to delay her yearly trip to Sandringham for the Christmas holidays, when she instead travelled one day later and by helicopter rather than train to shorten travel time.

Buckingham Palace’s last official statement was from last Sunday morning when it was confirmed the Queen would not be attending last week’s service. 

The statement simply read “The Queen does not yet feel ready to attend church as she is still recuperating from a heavy cold.”