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The Queen

The Queen’s fan wins fans of its own

He’s the great showman but he might just have been given a lesson in PR by the Queen. As Elizabeth II welcomed Boris Johnson as her fourteenth Prime Minister, one small detail of the official photos got everyone talking and helped put British industry on the agenda again.

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For the Queen has a Dyson fan. OK, we were meant to be concentrating on the politics but the nod to the hot weather drew plenty of admiring glances of its own as the portraits marking the start of a new administration winged their way around the world.

It was nestled a the bottom of the marble fireplace behind the Queen and her new Prime Minister in the images released by Buckingham Palace to confirm the official start of Mr Johnson’s tenure. And within minutes it was being mentioned on social media while the company’s name began to trend.

It would have been rather easy to move it out of the way for such an historic image but instead, there it was, centre stage and sparkling. Perhaps that’s the point. After a couple of days where the current political situation in the UK has drawn plenty of debate around the world, this was a definite and rather positive nod to British industry. Subtle, unshowy but there all the same and some very welcome PR for an economy that’s been discussed and dissected in recent times.

Meanwhile, in the foreground, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson bowed his head as he accepted the Queen’s invitation to form a government. He had arrived at Buckingham Palace within minutes of the departure of the former Prime Minister, Theresa May, who has formally resigned in an earlier audience with the Queen. After a meeting of his own, lasting over half an hour, Mr Johnson departed for 10 Downing Street to begin his new job. And whatever the excitement of the day, Buckingham Palace kept its cool thanks to a now very famous fan indeed.

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