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CoronavirusQueen Elizabeth II

The Queen wears gloves for the first time during an investiture as Coronavirus spreads across UK

The Queen has conducted an investiture at Buckingham Palace while wearing gloves for the first time amidst the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Her Majesty always wears gloves while on public engagements as she meets members of the public, however, Royal Central understands that this is the first time the monarch has worn gloves at an investiture.

Usually on these occasions, Her Majesty shakes the hands of people who have come to collect their honours without her gloves.

The coronavirus outbreak in the UK is spreading at a rapid rate, with 51 people now having tested positive for the disease.

Elderly and vulnerable people are at most risk if they contract the virus.

Health officials have said people should make their own minds up over whether to continue to shake hands with other people, although they have stopped short of completely advising people against the practice.

Gloves may stop the spread of the virus, so long as the person does not touch their face with the same fabric as they will have been gathering germs throughout the day.