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The Queen

The Queen shows her playful side along Sir David Attenborough in new documentary

A new documentary from ITV currently titled ‘The Queen’s Canopy’ is set to air next year, but a short clip has been released showing The Queen’s humorous side.

Filmed in the garden at Buckingham Palace, the film follows the progress of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy project over the last two years.

While walking around the garden with Sir David Attenborough, he comments: “I suppose actually, the trees with which you will be presented are going to change as our climate changes and there will be all kinds of different trees growing here in another 50 years time.”

The Queen quickly responds: “It might easily be, yes. I won’t be here though,” causing laughter from the veteran wildlife presenter.

Upon further inspection of the garden, Her Majesty notes that they “won’t look at that one”, as she believes the tree “does not seem to be doing very well”.

Sir David is then seen covering his face with his hand and The Queen speaks to someone off camera, asking if it was “meant to be like that?”

The Queen confirms the diagnoses of the plant, saying: “Somebody sat on it I think at a garden party.”

The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project was dreamt up by Labour MP Frank Field in a way to link conversation efforts across the 52 commonwealth nations.

Further through the garden, Sir David checks out a chestnut tree saying how they are “not ready yet”, and “hmm … conkers”.

As the two, who are only born a few weeks apart, walk away from the tree, The Queen notes: “Was it recently that someone tried to stop children playing conkers?”

Sir David questions Her Majesty if this was on the grounds of health and safety, to which the Queen confirms.

Sir David adds on: “You’ll think that people will stop people breathing.”

Laughing along, The Queen notes: “It seems to be quite a harmless battle thing.”