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The Queen

The Queen makes unprecedented move to pardon murderer who foiled terrorist with narwhal tusk

Queen Elizabeth II
i-Images/ Pool

The Queen is to pardon a convicted murder who saved countless lives after helping to stop a terrorist attack whilst on day release.

Steven Gallant risked his life last November after tackling a terrorist with a narwhal tusk at Fishmongers’ Hall.

In an unprecedented move, The Queen has used a Royal Prerogative of Mercy to pardon Gallant – releasing him from prison ten months before his 17-year term ends.

According to The Sunday Mirror, the 42-year-old may now appear before the Parole Board as soon as next June to formalise his release.

The pardon comes on the advice of Her Majesty’s government. Never before has a convicted murder been granted the Royal Prerogative of Mercy.

Gallant was jailed in 2005 for the murder of firefighter Barrie Jackson who he killed outside of a pub.

Mr Jackson’s family say they support the decision to free Gallant ten months before his term ends.

The victim’s son, Jack, told the Sunday Mirror: “I have mixed emotions – but what happened at London Bridge goes to show the reality that people can change.”

Gallant was attending an event at FIshmongers’ Hall last November when a terrorist embarked on a killing spree.

He killed 25-year-old Jack Merritt and 23-year-old Saskia Jones, before taking to the streets to find more victims.

Quick thinking Gallant grabbed a five-foot narwhal tusk located inside the historic hall, and alongside civil servant David Frost, chased the terrorist, bringing an end to his rampage.