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The Queen

The Queen makes the most of lockdown as she is seen riding her beloved horse in the grounds of Windsor Castle

The Queen has taken a short break from strict quarantine indoors to enjoy a horse ride in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Her Majesty, who is 94-years-old, was pictured riding her 14-year-old Fell Pony in Windsor Home Park over the weekend.

Despite her advancing age, The Queen continues to ride her horses regularly, and will no doubt be pleased to get back into the saddle.

Dressed in a headscarf, tweed jacket and jodhpurs, Her Majesty gave Buckingham Palace permission to release the pictures.

Apart from her addresses to the nation, The Queen has not bee photographed in public since March 19 when she was being driven to Windsor Castle.

The Queen loves absolutely everything to do with horses, and indeed is one of the world’s most successful racehorse owners.

Her own horses have won huge amounts of money over the years and have claimed almost 500 race wins. Even without wagering, Her Majesty has earned over $9 million from her horses alone. In 2016, she enjoyed her largest win with $775,323.