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The Queen

The Queen laughs as a brazen pig scratches its backside in front of Her Majesty

The Queen was amused on Thursday after a brazen pig decided to scratch its backside in front of the monarch when she came to visit the pig enclosure.

As Her Majesty arrived to see the pigs at Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh, she pointed and laughed as she saw one of the animals trying to relieve an itch in the hot weather.

Her Majesty was up bright and early on Thursday to visit the farm, which is home to a variety of animals including cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, and even bearded dragons.

Gorgie City Farm was a waste depot until the 1930s, and later a civil defence training area during the war – it has now been transformed into an outdoor resources centre, educating the public about farming & food production.

The farm grows a range of fruit and veg, and even supplies some local shops and restaurants with its produce.

During her visit, Her Majesty also met a duck named Olive, who stole the show as she walked alongside The Queen.

Her Majesty looked delighted as the small bird waddled beside her, although there was a slight breach of royal protocol when Olive stepped in front of The Queen.

Before departing the farm, Her Majesty unveiled a plaque, signed the visitors’ book and received a posy.

Gorgie City Farm is located two miles from Central Edinburgh.  It was a waste depot by the Edinburgh Corporation until the 1930s, before being left derelict.

In 1977, a community group started work clearing the site. There were plans to develop the site for housing or a school, but local people insisted green space was the priority and the City farm opened to the public in 1982. Ever since it has been a working farm, selling lambs, pork, eggs, vegetables and manure to raise some of its running costs, and visited by tens of thousands of visitors every year.