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The Queen

The Queen holds her first ever virtual audience

The Queen holds a virtual audience
Photo by Buckingham Palace/ Royal Family Twitter

The Queen further embraced the use of technology on Friday as she held audiences remotely for the first time.

Her Majesty, who is currently residing at Windsor Castle, received incoming Ambassadors at Buckingham Palace over video link.

His Excellency Dr Ferenc Kumin, Hungary’s newly appointed Ambassador to the United Kingdom, appeared remotely alongside his wife as he was received by the 94-year-old monarch.

Her Excellency Sophie Katsarava, Georgia’s Ambassador, and His Excellency Gil da Costa, of Timor-Leste also video called The Queen.

The Ambassadors were all present at Buckingham Palace. However, to contain the spread of the pandemic, Her Majesty opted to attend the engagement remotely from Windsor.

Royal Communications released a number of images to mark the occasion of The Queen’s first virtual audience.

In one picture, Her Majesty can be seen smiling as she looks at her webcam whilst speaking to the Hungarian Ambassador.

Images taken at Buckingham Palace shows guests talking to The Queen who appeared on a computer screen.

Despite Her Majesty not being physically present in the room, the Ambassadors bowed and curtsied as they greeted the monarch.

Ambassadors are the foreign based representatives of other sovereign states.

Upon being appointed as an Ambassador to the United Kingdom, it is customary for The Queen to receive new appointees in audience.