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The Queen

The Queen appoints two new Ladies-in-Waiting

It has been announced that The Queen has appointed two new Ladies in Waiting to assist Her Majesty in her official duties.

The Court Circular reads: “The Queen has been pleased to appoint the Lady Elizabeth Leeming and Mrs. Simon Rhodes to be Extra Ladies in Waiting to Her Majesty.”

Lady Elizabeth Leeming is The Queen’s first cousin once removed, and is the daughter of the 17th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne, Fergus Michael Claude and Mary Pamela McCorquodale.

The 17th Earl died in 1987 and was succeded by Lady Elizabeth’s brother, Michael Fergus – the 18th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne. He died in 2016.

Her Majesty has also appointed Susan Rhodes as an Extra Lady-in-Waiting. Mrs Rhodes is married to Simon Rhodes, the son of the later Margaret Rhodes.

Margaret Rhodes, who died last year at the age of 91, was The Queen’s best friend and cousin. She was also Lady-in-Waitinfg to Her Majesty in addition to being a bridesmaid at her wedding.

A Lady-in-waiting’s jobs mainly consist of helping their mistress collect flowers at events, attending private and personal matters, running errands and handling general correspondence.

In addition to our own Queen, Queen Silvia of Sweden has three ladies, Sarah, Duchess of York had six ladies and The Duchess of Cornwall has three Ladies-in-waiting.

Unlike in past times, not all Ladies-in-Waiting are of noble birth. Many are siblings or close friends of the ladies they serve. The Duchess of Cornwall’s ladies include an old school friend and her sister Annabelle Elliot. The late Diana, Princess of Wales had three ladies from the day she was married and later added five more. Princess Diana’s ladies included her sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale.

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