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The Queen

The Queen and her advisors ‘resentful’ over how prorogation has been handled


The Queen and her advisors are ‘resentful’ over how the government has handled the prorogation of Parliament according to the BBC.

Speaking on the BBC News at Five, Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell said that Her Majesty would have felt “boxed in”, feeling as though she would have had no choice but to act upon the advice of her ministers.

Mr Witchell said: “The Queen has never during her reign refused to accept the advice of her ministers.

“She is a monarch guided by precedent. Therefore she will have felt pretty boxed in – that she had no option.”

The veteran royal reporter continued: “She and her advisors, I have little doubt, will be frankly resentful of the way this has been done and will be concerned at the headlines which say ‘Queen suspends Parliament.’ 

“Well, she has done so on the advice of ministers.”

“For 67 years, for all she has kept out of politics, she has kept a very shrewd eye on politics. 

“She will be very concerned on the way the United Kingdom will see itself, and the way the United Kingdom will be seen internationally.”

Three Privy Counsellors arrived at Balmoral Castle on Wednesday morning asking The Queen to approve the suspension of Parliament.

As expected, The Queen approved the order means that Parliament will be suspended just days after MPs return to work in September.

Crucially, this means in the weeks leading up to Brexit day, MPs will be forced away from the legislative chambers meaning they cannot debate the issue.

In an extraordinary statement, the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has called the decision a “constitutional outrage”.

The Leder of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, said: “Suspending Parliament is not acceptable, it is not on. What the prime minister is doing is a smash and grab on our democracy to force through a no deal.”